Blessing in Disguise

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A blessing in disguise

   21st Century and we have been facing a pandemic which has been very bad, but, in my opinion, there have been some good outcomes of it.

   In one hand, we have had a lot of deaths, many people have lost the people they loved the most, their job, their home … This is tragic indeed and the consequences of this situation we are living now have been horrific.

   On the other hand, it has contributed to lessen a worldwide problem. Our planet has bigger problems, environmental problems which will impair human life on our planet. Too many human beings, consuming, wasting, polluting, destroying Mother Earth! The younger generation has developed new habits, like the number of things we buy, and the most of us do not really use all the things we buy, and with that there is more consumption, more destruction, more waste and pollution. 

   There was a time, in 2020, that everyone stayed in their homes, the pollution reduced for a long time, nature started to heal, we could see flora and fauna revitalizing, we could see our mountains and lakes, etc. Covid has shown us that we can solve our environmental problems and SAVE OUR HOME! This is great in my opinion because that means that, if we humans want to, we can be less consumerist and enhance our quality of life and not impair future generations. And that is great for me. ~

   A BLESSING IN DISGUISE means that everything has, in fact, good and bad sides. Covid has shown that it is not a fairy tale to believe in improving our habits and saving our HOME. However, it is terrible that Mother Earth had to resort to such a tragic pandemic, to such suffering, to open our eyes!

   If we respect all human beings who have lost their lives, who have been suffering due to COVID and its consequences, we must change and become better citizens. Otherwise, I am ashamed to be a human being on this planet!

                                                                                                        8th B Inês Fernandes